Chapter Documents

Non-Profit Status

The PMI Monterey Bay Chapter is organized as a mutual benefit, 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization, which generally encompasses professional and business league-type organizations. While we do not pay taxes, contributions to our organization are not tax deductible in the same sense that a donation to a charitable foundation. However, membership dues and/or contributions may be deductible as a business or professional development expense; please contact a competent public accountant or tax attorney for advice. Our California Corporation # is C2547024 is and our Federal Tax ID is 20-0292401.

Articles of Incorporation (Restated) – Last Revision: 6 October 2003

Articles of Incorporation are the document by which our organization is incorporated by the State of California. The Articles of Incorporation constitute a public document that supersedes the bylaws and all other internal management rules & regulations. Click here for the Articles of Incorporation (Restated) – PDF

Bylaws – Last Revision: 17 March 2016

The Bylaws are the general rules under which our organization operates, Click here for the PMI Monterey Bay Chapter Bylaws_2016

PMI Monterey Bay Chapter Bylaws_2016

PMI mBay Logo Document

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