Chapter History

Several years ago, there was a Monterey Bay Chapter of the Project
Management Institute. This chapter was centered around the Naval
Postgraduate School and did not reflect the diversity of corporate and
government activity in the Monterey Bay Area. Consequently, the chapter
had a low draw and eventually dissolved. The Silicon Valley Chapter
subsequently assumed geographic responsibility for the Monterey Bay
Area. In the summer of 2003, two informational meetings were hosted by
J.L. White International, at which the possibility of forming a
Monterey chapter was discussed. At the first meeting, in May, most of
the attendees were from CTB/McGraw Hill. The primary concern was that
the chapter have a diverse membership, so as to avoid the fate of the
previous incarnation of the chapter. The possibility of forming as a
subchapter of Silicon Valley was also raised. At the second meeting, in
June, there were representatives from a variety of companies and
government agencies. It was at that meeting that we decided there was
sufficient interest to proceed with forming our own chapter. Dr. Wells
offered to make a donation to get the chapter started along with a
matching grant from UC Santa Cruz. A core group of individuals who were
ready to volunteer for leadership positions in the potential chapter
met at Dr. Wells’ house. We discussed general chapter structure,
nominated interim officers, and formed the Programs and Membership
committees. Following this meeting, we entered the formal chapter
formation process, with our Interim President (Andrew Kennedy) as the
Chapter Sponsor. In what proved to be a lightening-fast process of
incorporating, gathering the requisite number of members, and
completing numerous administrative steps, we held our kickoff meeting
in September of 2003. We are fully chartered as of January 14, 2004,
and our logo was approved by PMI on December 1, 2003.

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